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Qty.  Item Item # Wt/Unit Price Total
  Wreath Holder (6") Small Wreath-01 1 lb. 13.75  
  Wreath Holder (8"-9") Medium Wreath-01-MED 1 lb. 14.00  
Wreath Holder (Over 9") Custom Quote Wreath-01-Custom 1 lb. 0.00 Custom Quote  .
  Wreath Holder for Ground Stone / Grave Marker GRND-Wreath-01 1 lb. 19.40  

Flower Pot Holder (Accommodates 6"-8" pot)

FPH-01 1 lb. 29.50  

Flower Pot Holder for Ground Stone/Grave Marker

(For 6"-8" pot)

GRND-FPH-01 1 lb. 20.60  

Flower Pot Holder In-Ground, Stake Mount Style

GRND-STAKE-FPH-01 1 lb. 33.50  
  Cut Flower Fluted Vase Holder CFH-01 1 lb. 29.75  

Cut Flower Fluted Vase Holder

for Ground Stone / Grave Marker

GRND-CFH-01 1 lb. 20.40  
Cut Flower Holder, Adhesive Backed CFH-ADHESV-01 1 lb. 27.25
  Flag Holder Flag-01 1 lb. 28.25  
  Flag Holder for Ground Stone / Grave Marker GRND-Flag-01 1 lb. 20.40  
  Saddle SADDLE 2 lb. 30.25  
  Cut Flower Fluted Vase, Green CFV-GRN .25 lb 5.00  
  Cut Flower Fluted Vase, Grey CFV-GRY .25 lb 5.00  
American Flag, 8" x 12" w/ 24" Stick Flag .25 lb 4.75

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 MA Residents Only

  6.25% Tax  


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